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Jump to certain time in video


Is it possible to jump to and play using JS? so for example

bc.. <a onclick="jumpTo('04:50');">Go to Scene</a>

also be able to capture and record the current time so...

bc.. <a onclick="markScene('current time');">Mark Scene</a>

3 Community Answers

JW Player

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Is the time that you are jumping to already downloaded?

You can seek within the already downloaded portion of the media file.

To seek into the non-yet-downloaded portion of the media file, you need serverside support for streaming (RTMP {FMS, Wowza, Red5}, streamscript, streaming modules for Apache2, nginx, LightTPD).

For getting the time, see: **

In particular, this thread: **

JW Player

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Thanks i have managed to store the current time hover i cant seem to make it seek to that time with the clip fully downloaded.

Any ideas what i need to do to make it seek to a time?

JW Player

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Do you have some code or a test page to look at?

Seeking only requires using the player reference object and sendEvent().bc.. document.getElementById('playerID').sendEvent('SEEK', 12.5);

For example, in a button:bc.. <button onclick="document.getElementById('playerID').sendEvent('SEEK', 12.5);">SEEK to 12.5</button>

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