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Querying embedded timecode


I finallly found some time to improve the slide sync in our video viewing web app (for live broadcasts) and now I'm a bit stuck.

I'm trying to do it the "real" way by using timecode embedded in the video stream for the sync but either it's not generated properly or it's not reaching the onMeta event.


- Amazon Cloudformation Flash Server that generates HLS output.
- Tried encoding with both Wirecast (4.2.3) and FMLE ( and specified to send timecode every 25 frames (encoding H.264 baseline 1280x720, 25 fps).
- JW Player Premium with the following setup:

bc.. jwplayer(videocontainer).setup({
file: fileuri,
height: 270,
width: 480,
volume: 100,
controlbar: "over",
controlbar: { margin: 0 },
autostart: true,
screencolor: "0xffffff",
events: {
onMeta: function (event) {

onMeta is called repeatedly but the meta object only includes bandwidth, currentLevel, droppedFrames and width.

So. What am I doing wrong, or isn't this supported yet?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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This timecode indeed doesn’t end up in the HLS streams, which I think is a limitation of FMS.

The timecode only ends up in RTMP streams, but JW Player doesn’t expose the timecode there either (though that should be a simple fix if we know the exact call the server makes).

JW Player

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Ok, thank you!

I will try to figure out exactly what is coming from the server but meanwhile: is there any other known way to solve slide sync in live broadcasts?

Before using CloudFormation it wasn't that big an issue since the clients usually lagged only a few seconds behind real time but with CloudFormation and HLS the clients can be 10-20 seconds behind actual time.

JW Player

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Here is sample code (as I'm sure you are aware of) that implements the onFI event handler to get system time from NetStream.

And here's the same thing in html5 :)

Having absolute time sync in live broadcasts would be wonderful so here's hoping that it will happen some day in the near future!

As a sidenote: I received a reply from the fine people making Wirecast that there's some problem in _sending_ timecode when using fps != 30 but they're looking at that.

JW Player

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This was even better for the flash side:

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