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Skipping/jumping/fast-forwarding to an unbuffered area


Is it just me, or is it impossible to skip ahead in a long video using this player until that portion of the video has been buffered? Seems like players on YouTube and similar sites don't have that issue with skipping ahead. Does that have something to do with whether you're plying back an flv or mp4 or m4v? Is there any way to get it to be able to skip ahead without waiting to buffer, I hava a 2 hour video, and want to skip to the last 30 minutes, but I have to wait like 10 minutes for it to finally buffer that far into it.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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@Roman -

When playing a progressively downloaded file (i.e a video file sitting on a web server) it is not possible to seek ahead past the buffered area without a streaming server.

The JW Player supports two types of streaming, HTTP pseudo-streaming (which is essentially how YouTube works) and RTMP streaming.

Here are two pages which explain JW Player streaming support:

JW Player

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But is there a way to pause the video until the buffer is ready and then resume playing at the point seek-ed too ?

Ethan Feldman

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There is not.

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