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html5 autostart vs autoplay


we use jw 5.6 with flash and html5 as fallback. Unfortunately all players are starting simultanous, if you Browse at a page with a HTML5-Browser which is able to play h.264.

this is the javascript (+ a new autoplay=false entre)

<script type="text/javascript">
'modes': [
{type: 'flash',
src: '/author/cqbase/jwplayer/5_6/previewplayer.swf',
config: {
'file': '/rbb/thadeusz/thadeusz_20110910_kujat_m_16_9_512x288.mp4',
'provider': 'rtmp',
'streamer': 'rtmp://'
{type: 'html5',
config: {
'file': '',
'hd.file': '',
'provider': 'http'
} ],
'image': '/author/etc/medialib/rbb/rbb/logos/tv/thadeusz.file.54032.240.135.jpg',
'skin': '/static/rbb/jwplayer/skins/classic/classicP.xml',
'width': '240',
'height': '154',
'bufferlength': '5',
'smoothing': 'true',
'controlbar': 'bottom',
'icons': 'true',
'idlehide': 'false',
'stretching': 'uniform',
'autostart': 'false',
'dock': 'false',
'autoplay': 'false'

jwplayer("pp_530638746").onFullscreen(function() {

1.) Why the autoplay is the jw-html-default-mode? At this page
you write "Use sparsely, since this might get annoying."

2.) Why there is a difference between autostart & autoplay


3.) If there must be a difference (maybe because of html5-specifications) why the player reads the autostart-value in the html5-mode??

Thanks for your help
Sebastian (

1 Community Answers

JW Player

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autostart=false in the html5-conf-section solved the problem.

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