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HTML5 mp4 vs. Apple IOS m3u8 embedding

Working with the new player and javascript embedding. Also working with the new Adobe FMS with HLS to assist in taking a standard mp4 and dynamically creating a m3u8 file, primarily for iPad, etc.

I have been trying to figure out if it is possible to have a mode just for, say, iPad so I can take advantage of the m3u8 feature, but fallback to mp4 for desktop Chrome for instance.

I can perform some browser detection so I can change the file name. With Adobe FMS 4.5, a straight mp4 would like similar to:


whereas, to take advantage of HLS, it would look similar to:


FMS takes care of creating the .ts type files to play "on the fly" (based off my limited knowledge).




(btw - love the new player and js embedding)

3 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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You can do this with modes, by setting the m3u8 file for only the HTML5 mode.

JW Player

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Thanks for the reply.

Your right, but Chrome, for example, doesn't like the .m3u8 extension or something, so the flash version will be generated, not the HTML5 version - i.e. <video>

I know I'm not explaining it very well.

If I just leave the the HTML5 mode to have a file of extension of mp4, works just fine in Safari, Chrome - any HTML5 comp <video> browser - even IOS Safari. But, if I use the file extension of .m3u8, it uses HTML5 <video> in Safari, but not Chrome.

Now, m3u8 is unique to Apple (right?), so maybe that is how it is suppose to be. I just figured if the browser is <video> comp, then what the heck, put HTML5 mode first in the list so flash is not involved, player.swf is not loaded, etc....

Anyway - thanks again Ethan.


Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Yes, m3u8 is unique to apple, so you might have to write your own JS on your page to detect iOS specifically.

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