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javascript event not working

The flash video works, but none of the event javascript methods execute.

I setup a demo here showing this issue, but do not want to publish it publicly, so if someone who works for can have me privately submit it, I'd appreciate. We just bought a full license for it too.

I'm doing the most basic alert on the event method onReady.
I thought maybe it was because I wasn't reference the jwplayer.js script correctly, but that isn't the issue. I tried hosting the jwplayer.js on my amazon S3 host, and my web server. Didn't make a difference. This demo has it hosted on the web server.

bc.. <div id="container">Loading the player ...</div>

<script type="text/javascript">
flashplayer: "url to swf file here",
file: "url to file here",
allowfullscreen: true,
wmode: "opaque",
height: 300,
width: 620,
allowscriptaccess: "always",
stretching: "exactfit",
events: {
onReady: function() {


10 Community Answers

JW Player

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This is must be a BUG in the jwplayer-framework!

Take this little piece of code:
bc.. <!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<title>Test JW-Player</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jwplayer.js"></script>

<div id="outer_container" style="margin: 0 auto; text-align:center;">
<div id="inner_container">
To view our videos, please activate JavaScript and Flash.
<script type="text/javascript">
flashplayer: "player.swf",
file: "video.mp4",
image: "preview.jpg",
width: 328,
height: 200,
events: {onReady: function () { alert("Ready"); }}

Test results on my system (win7 and jwplayer version 5.4.1492):

With Flash-Plugin uninstalled:
- Firefox 3.6.13: No onReady-event; just picture as download-link displayed --> correct! (Although disturbing since it overwrittes my nice littel advice abouve to activate flash and javascript. No everybody wants an uncommented download-link. Please provide an option to turn that off.)

- Opera 11 Build 1156: The same as Firefox --> correct!

- Safari 5.0.3. with Quicktime-Plugin and default Safari-user-agent: Player is loaded, jwplayer builts some controlls for the player, onReady-event is fired --> correct!

- Safari 5.0.3. with Quicktime-Plugin and iPhone-user-agent: Player is loaded, jwplayer uses completely quicktime, onReady-event fired --> correct!

- Internet Explorer 8.0.76 with Flash-ActiveX-Plugin: Player is loaded, NO onReady-event fired!! --> that seems to be WRONG!!!

With Flash-Plugin installed:
- In Firefox, Opera, Safari the available Flash plugin is now used. Player loads but no onReady-event is fired!! --> that seems to be WRONG!!!
- Internet Explorer: behaviour unchanged, uses ActiveX-Plugin, however no onReady-event fired!! --> that seems to be WRONG!!!

All in all: no onReady-event fired when Flash is used (an that's likely to be most of the cases). :-(((

JW Player

0 rated : is also working for me on Win7 and Firefox+Opera!


I have just done this:
- Downloaded lastest version of jwplayer from longtailvideo's homepage.
- Extracted files to a folder on my desktop.
- Added the test.html file to the folder (see my first post; done according to "JW Player Embedding and JavaScript Guide.pdf")
- Installed latest flash-plugin.
- Ran the test.html file with Firefox.

Result: The video is played, however no event is fired (as described above).

Furthermore: Changing "file:video.mp4" to simply "" in test.html doesn't work either. The "outside" video is not played.

Strange. I don't understand this... I wouldn't care about it, if it works on a real server environment and fails only the local system. Unfortunately I cannot test this at the moment since I don't have my own webspace yet.

JW Player

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events work for me (5.4.x), but i had to put the keys in quotes, e.g.:
bc.. ...
'onComplete': function(){ alert('done.') }


JW Player

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Putting the keys in quotes doesn't make any difference: It's still not working on my local system.

JW Player

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I hope that this is only a strange behaviour on my local system and it will go away on real server environments. Unfortunately I don't have a webspace yet, so I cannot provide a link to a public page.

JW Player

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no, I tried this on server and events simply won't trigger, I tried it using different variations (quotes, chaining, external file...) but without any success.

JW Player

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I have now installed an Apache server on my system and tried to access the above test file (see my first post) via the server (http://localhost/jwplayer/test.html) and not just by directly loading it in the browser (file:///C:/Users/Oliver/Desktop/jwplayer/test.htmll)

Et voli: I got the ready-event!! Yippee!

So this seems to be definetely an issue of a missing server-environment (at least in my case).

Lessons learned: Do never ever develop a homepage without installing an Apache server on the system - even if Apache is used only locally - and test your stuff via the server. Otherwise, some events might not work (jwplayer), Ajax won't work either ...

JW Player

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hmm.. I just downloaded player from trunk, and hitting a problem that sounds similar.

In chrome on OS X my events fire fine.

In safari on OS X they fire fine

But in firefox 3.6.14 on OS X they dont.

on firefox 3.6.14 on ubuntu 10.04 they fire fine.

any thoughts?

JW Player

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I'm having the same problem as Mark Lakewood.

It works on all browsers, except Firefox (Windows & OS X).
The player doesn't fire the onReady-event. Although, when I resize my browser, the event is fired.

Any suggestions?

JW Player

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OK, seems that Firefox stops all flashcontent when it is not visible.

I had an overlay that fades out when the player was ready. Removing it, solved the problem.

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