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HTML 5 Player issue with quicktime video


I need to play quicktime files (.mov) through HTML 5 video tag. I am using JWPlayer but it fallback to flash on all browsers (even on chrome 9 beta and safari 5). I expected flash for FF but not for above two browsers.

I am using code like that.

bc.. jwplayer("top_video_widget_container").setup({
file: '/uploads/',
height: 361,
menu: false,
width: 641,
image: "/images/sync-vid-bg.png",
players: [
{ type: "html5" },
{ type: "flash", src: "/js/jwplayer/player.swf" }

Also i need to do it dynamically by javascript so video file could be change at any time with refreshing page.

Can any one have solution ?

2 Community Answers

JW Player

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Hi Zach,
well i check it again with quicktime install on windows machine and now it look like working with mov files on safari.
Also I did onee more thing I detect browser through jquery and play mov for safari, mp4 for chrome and flv for firefox (ogv on firefox and IE not the option here as per requirement).
One thing i checked with firefox that even mp4 work in flash but i am not confirmed if it will always be a same behavior as before i found a blank video with audio enabled.

By the way i encoded my video from as

MP4 : ISO Media, MPEG v4 system, version 1

MOV : ISO Media, Apple QuickTime movie

(by file command on ubuntu)

JW Player

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Well one thing confirmed here that on quicktime installation is mandatory for html5 video play in safari.

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