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JW Player chokes on Mac Safari/Firefox?

I've received a few videos from important contacts that just don't play right. Control-click reveals that they are JW Player -- one of them has a player within a player (LOL), another chokes and twirls for ever. One video goes to about 8 minutes (of 19) and craps out. What is going on? I've never used JW because On2 codec seems to work well for me. Anybody else running into this JW joke of a player.

3 Community Answers

JW Player

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when you see players within players it is probably because people try to play .swf movies in the player and not proper video files, instead of embedding them directly as recommended...

when you see the twirling for ever it is usually because the flash browser plugin isnt updated - this is a must in order to watch the newer video formats (and for safety)

adobe flash versiontest - **
adobe flash deinstall - **
adobe flash install - **

and yes, countless thousands of very happy users are running the JW players across platforms...

JW Player

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Thanks Andersen. Updating flash to 10 completely eradicated twirling. Much obliged.

JW Player

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I downloaded and ran the following video yesterday without any trouble. Today, I get nothing but error messages for this and related JW Player files.

I wonder if they've just released a flawed, updated version which hasn't been corrected.

Try this:

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