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JWPlayer, iPhone and RTMP streaming

Saw the post about JWPlayer and iPhone:

Which says latest player with HTML5 support will work on iPhone, I confirmed this on my test page

Works fine on iPhone for the first video which is locally streamed via http, but the second video which is RTMP streamed from Cloudfront doesn't work on iPHone, is this fixable?


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JW Player

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I gonna take a stab at this even though I haven't dealt with streaming yet ;-)

I believe that you need to not only declare the file you wish to stream BUT also the streamer as I only see the file and not the streamer. I could be wrong on this.

check the documentation out to see if it gives you the solution tthat you require.

JW Player

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Willie and all --

On the link above

Both videos use latest JWplayer plugin for Wordpress with latest run-times, all parameters including the streaming server are kept in jwplayer xml config files. First video (http streamed) is fine on iPhone, second (rtmp streamed from Cloudfront) doesn't play on iPhone.

Will LongTail Video be supporting RTMP streaming to iPhone and mobile anytime soon?

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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We can only support what HTML5 supports.
HTML5 – Does not support RTMP.
The iPhone – only supports HTML5.
Therefore RTMP will not work on HTML5, or the iPhone.

Also RTMP is made by Adobe, and only works in Flash…

Read here –

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