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How do I get better quality? Video pixels.

I can't figure out why all my longtail players are pixelling the video. The quality is icky. I'm sure it's completely my fault, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I used flv files. I do have to resize them to make them smaller, but even if I don't resize and use large files, I still get pixelled videos.

I'm using the right code and all that as everything is playing perfectly fine. It just doesn't look that pretty.

What do I need to do to improve the quality? Mine never look nice and sharp. :(


Some of these look okay to me, but some randomly look icky. Oddly, sometimes the videos made with higher quality are the ones looking icky. :S (ex: "I Am Amazon").


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JW Player

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My video quality is fine. These videos play without issue on youtube in HD. But I can upload the MPEG file.

I don't know much about flv. I used Prism to convert, and I shrink the overall size (to the size of the player), but even when I don't, I have the same issue.

How do I use the MP4 format? Does the longtail player play MP4s? Or is this some sort of MP4/flv thing? :S

Thanks! :)

JW Player

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Uh...I'm not a company.... :S

JW Player

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Okay, I've used Handbrake, though I notice it makes m4v files (I've tried mp4 and mov with other programs, but the picture doesn't work).

The quality has certainly improved now:

However, while it looks better, it's playing choppy.

Any other ideas?

Either way, THANKS! This is a heck of an improvement!!!

JW Player

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I should be asking:

How do I get my videos to look like this:

Granted, I have reduced the size of the video I provided as an example, but I've tried larger files (like the ones I upload to youtube HD), but it's choppy, fuzzy, other icky things.


JW Player Support Agent  
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The best option here if you would create an account with our Bits on the Run service. In addition to providing the same video quality as the player examples (we use BOTR ourselves as well for transcoding), it will also give you the embed code of a player that automatically adjusts the quality to the bandwidth/CPU limits of a user.

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