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HWD MediaShaer Plugin JW Player Version 7 FullScreen And Seek Problem With Apple


I am developing a Joomla website using HWD MediaShare for playing videos, and it has a JW Player Plugin:

Plugin: HWD - Player (JW Player) = Self Hosted Player (Version 7)

The player works fine in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, for use in FullScreen mode, or when seeking to a point in the video to start playing from - It seems to work also on my Android Phone using the Firefox Browser.

However, when trying the website on Apple Safari or Mobile IPhones it does not Seek, it always starts at the beginning of the video,
And, When playing in FullScreen and/or trying to exit FullScreen on an iPhone the screen does some crazy "jiggling" up and down and does not exit FS completely.

I also need to know how I can upgrade the Version 7 Player in my Joomla website, because the JW Player Version 7 was included in the installation for HWD MediaShare, and I don't know if I can just upgrade the Player Plugin to make it work - one of the pages in my website is using the HWD MediaShare Single Media Player Module which uses the JW Player as it's embedded video Player.

I have heard and read in your forum that there was a fix for the mouse icon appearance problem in FullScreen mode also, and would like to get that player update so that the mouse icon disappears during FullScreen mode.

Can you offer some solutions? Do you need more info?



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