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I've looked all over and can't find anything to give a definitive answer. I'm trying to embed a video onto a site but I can't seem to get the jwplayer api to work properly. It says I need a key, the only key that I've seen so far is for self-hosted videos which is a paid feature. Am I not able to use the API unless I have a paid account? If I am, where is the key for that? It looks like I should be able to but I keep finding myself back to where it seems I need to purchase a paid account.

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Timoor Kurdi

JW Player Support Agent  
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My name is Timoor Kurdi and I’m a Support Engineer at JW Player.

In order to get the player setup on a page which would allow you to use our API event handlers you need three things:

1) A JW Player library, which is dependent on whether you are self-hosting or cloud hosted.

2) A div to place the player into

3) .setup API call to set up the player for the above div for which you could also use our other API event handlers at this point.

But to answer your question, yes you need to pay if you want to use our player.

Timoor Kurdi
Support Engineer

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