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Youtube autoplay on mobile device

Hello, there are several problems to insert YouTube videos, I managed to make it work in the jw7 version but in mobile devices the Youtube play icon is shown, this makes conflict in its reproduction, two play icons appear.

It occurred to me to solve it by adding the Youtube autoplay function:

file = "//"

but it does not work

Any other possible solution?

Thank you



3 Community Answers

Timoor Kurdi

JW Player Support Agent  
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My name is Timoor Kurdi and I’m a Support Engineer at JW Player.

Our test page at also does not play well on mobile devices, it could be that YouTube changed something, hard to say. But we will not be updating our player to account for this. You should host your content with us to ensure optimal playback on a wide variety of browsers and devices.

Timoor Kurdi
Support Engineer


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I understand but I can not, there are many videos and they are from other channels, my job is to promote those videos on YouTube.

Thanks anyway, I will try to change the player.

Thanks for the reply,


Timoor Kurdi

JW Player Support Agent  
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No problem.

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