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Error setting up player: Invalid License key

We upgraded our embedded JW Player from version 7.7.2 to 8.1.1. Upgrading from version 7 to 8 requires the change in the player key. After player upgrade including key change, everything is working fine. However, some of our viewers are reporting that they encounter with the error " Error setting up player: Invalid License key".

I am wondering if this issue is related to JW player API or it is related to browser cache of an old key which is forcing the player to through error.

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Timoor Kurdi

JW Player Support Agent  
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My name is Timoor Kurdi and I’m a Support Engineer at JW Player.

They should try clearing their cache/using a private browsing window as a first step and there are four usual causes for this:

The license key in your code is wrong or belongs to a different player version.
You have mixed version of JW Player on the page, like one JW7 player and one JW8 player
The clock on your computer is not correct. Sounds strange, but it’s true!
There is some sort of network cache or firewall on your network. If you only see the error in the office but the same page works fine at home, this is usually the case. We see this more with schools, universities, hospitals, etc that have large managed networks.

If none of these apply to you, please send us a link to a page where we can reproduce the issue.

Timoor Kurdi
Support Engineer


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Hi Timoor Kurdi,

Thanks for your detailed reply.

As we are using JW player 8.1.1 only so, step 2 is not in the picture. However, we will ask our viewer's who are facing this issue to check for the other steps you mentioned. I will come back if this doesn't fix their problem.


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i have the same problem for like 2 month now ?!
im using firefox without any special plugins, just the base programm and so far all videos & co worked fine, but now i get that "Error setting up player: Invalid license key" on most sides!, dont get me wrong autoplay videos annoy the hell out of me, so im kinda glad this is going on, but now i saw a handfull of news pages where i would like to see the video & cant !
"" for example cant play ANY video anymore on any of their pages!

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