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change player in browser?

I have a vendor that uses embedded videos for training on their website. They are using a JW Player 6.4.3359. Every video I try to watch on that site has horrible buffering problems. I have sought out other websites using JW Player and have no issues. The only difference I've seen is that the other sites are using a newer version of JW Player, 7.12.1. I have to assume that the newer version of JW Player is the key. so, is there any way that I can change the JW Player version on MY END?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Only the web developers that have direct access to the web site code on the page can make changes to their website’s player embed.

I would recommend contacting that website directly with your feedback including the following details:
• a link to the page on their site
• any error messages or behavior you saw
• the web browser and operating system of your computer or device

Hope this helps


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Under further research I am leaning towards an issue between JW Player 6.4.3359 and Windows 10. I used a machine with Windows 7 installed with the same exact browser/settings and it worked fine. I can't believe I am the only person experiencing this problem.

the affected situation involves:

Windows 10 64-bit
Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit)
JW Player 6.4.335

Somewhere between those three there is a glitch.

It is not the internet connection. I used the same internet connection on the Windows 7 machine that I have used on multiple windows 10 machines


JW Player Support Agent  
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Unfortunately there is nothing we can do on our end; only the web developers that have access to the code on the page can make changes to their website’s player embed.

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