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How can I setup to the lowest quality available when playing my video?

Im using the api this way:

<script src="//"> </script>
<script> var playerInstance = jwplayer("jwreban");
playlist: "//",
width: "100%",
aspectratio: "1:1"
function shufflePlaylist(playlist) {
var currentIndex = playlist.length, tempValue, randomIndex;
while (0 !== currentIndex) {
randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * playlist.length);
currentIndex -= 1;
tempValue = playlist[currentIndex];
playlist[currentIndex] = playlist[randomIndex];
playlist[randomIndex] = tempValue;
return playlist;
playerInstance.on("ready", function() {
var playlistObj = playerInstance.getPlaylist();
jwplayer().onReady(function(event) {
jwplayer().onQualityLevels(function(event) {

How can i set the script when the video is played to be the lowest quality to save bandwidth?

So far ive seen its something like

But where or how it needs to be configured in my instance?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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You are able to simple add:


after you close your player setup function, and this will change your quality to the lowest available when a new video is loaded.


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