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Help please - RTMP streams to SWF

Ok first not sure where to post this but, thought here would be a good start.

I am using OBS to capture my desktop and stream it to a video server at listen2myradio
I end up with an rtmp which is what I put in OBS and connect with..

all works well - i end up with a page I can access from listen2myradio that shows my stream.

I am wanting to put the stream on my own website as an .swf

If I inspect the listen2myradio stream page area - I find in media the .swf link but, simply copy and paste this to another browser page does not work.. its like it only work in that one page and is not good to me like that.

I need to end up with a way to have the direct url to the swf which will show my rtmp stream

what am I missing or not doing - Im NOOB to this so please be gentle...

I have some links to some similar .swf stream that works and I have a flash decompiler that I used to try and look at how they are set up to work - but, over my heard to be honest and the stuff I searched for in the code was either wrong place or simply didnt exist which confused me even more as could not find anything to do with .swf or rtmp etc. so I have no idea how these .swf streams work or how they link to a stream.

I will include what I have got so far and what I am trying to achieve similar..

this is what I get from listen2myradio
FMS Url:rtmp://

It then shows me tv chanel links and all end up on same page - here.
this works and shows fine when OBS and Listen2myradio are switched on of course.
However I am wanting to get the .SWF from this page so I can view directly on own an see stream.

I am able to inspect and get the following...

but simply pasting this into a browser shows nothing - stream never appears there - even when showing on the previous page of

This is where I get lost - I dont udnerstand how it can be listed as this and work but, taing it out to directly view results in nothing...

I have a stream that does work and have tried to decompile to work out but, as stated find nothing that makes sense to me - over head here.
this works when the person is streaming of course

How can I achieve this - is there something Im mising with my set up or something in that .swf code I can edit to put my own stream in instead an get to work?

I use OBS and listen2myradio as both free and am trying to do this free without paying for services.
I feel close but, missing final step it seems...

please help :) Thanks

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JW Player Support Agent  
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A few thoughts:

I checked but I do not see where you calling setup() on the page for our player.

You would need to set the player’s file: ’’ to your RTMP stream.

I also see you have an older version of JW7 on the page, so I suggest you update to JW 7.12.11


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Hi Todd,

As said I am using listen2myradio - it provides the rtmp stream and displays links saying - view stream here...

TV Channel Links:

when I click any of these it comes up as

so I have NO idea how it put it there but, I do know that page shows the stream in a small window (you can click to make bigger)

as said inspecting that page I can see under media (via firefox browser)

so how it work I have no real idea but, I want to be able to get to my stream directly and as said if I type in the url directly to a browser page

it does not work - so somehow it is restricted to that page (
which is made by listen2myradio

I use OBS to capture what I need but, I want to be able to stream it out so people can simply view a .SWF and see my live stream...
What I read showed to use listen2my radio to get the rtmp and have that page to view it but, I want to be able to get to stream directly...
I dont want the page (

I want to be able to view like this.

so what do I need to get a stream to this final stage... as said I tried decompile the .SWF above but, I cant work out where I should put in MY rtmp or whatever ...

as for updating JW7 to JW 7.12.11 - I think that would be to do with listen2myradio site not me directly ? or how do I do that and will it acually help ?

Also the is not my page as is generated for me from listen2myradio via control panel when I set up to use a video stream and they provide me with the rtmp and then below the tv channels listing pages I can view that stream on...

perhpas taking apart the
would reveal how they have done it ?

I have no idea how to make a player call a file etc.


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I checked the

it shows
powered by JW player 7.2.4
Flash version 28

however I have NO way to change these I think since is generated by listen2myradio


JW Player Support Agent  
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We will need someone from listen2myradio to make changes to the code on the page. Do you have a way to arrange that?


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Nope how that meant happen... they just provide free service and it obviously works or would not show the stream...

Maybe you need get in touch with them


JW Player Support Agent  
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I do not have a way to reach them, but tell them to send us an e-mail at and we will try to help out.


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no way to reach am I supposed to ?

I signed up for free account to just stream... I had no idea would even be using this JWplayer nor any idea of how it works.

Can you recomend a site taht you do know that works so I can achieve what I want.



JW Player Support Agent  
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Our JW Live streaming will take your RTMP stream and convert it to HLS. You could then use our embed our player directly on your web page.

Please see for more details.


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Hi Todd, I dont have an account and it seems it costs to have one. As said Im looking to do this for FREE... so I guess I will have to find a way... and since I get it free via listen2myradio its only a matter of extracting that windowed stream into a full screen swf. that is all I was looking for.

Maybe I need be on diff help forum for somoeone to decompile the flash swf


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