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Get Video Current Status

According to this two answers, there is no webhook to my service know a video processing is finished after upload. And both answer use `GET /v2/media/{media}` as a alternative endpoint to know the video is ready or not.

But, when I make a request to `GET /v2/media/{media}`, there is no key in the JSON response that I can use to know this. The only parameter that I provide was the `media_id`. Using the admin dashboard, I can access my video and see his status is `ready`. Which parameter I've to send to see this `status` in the response?

Thanks in advance!

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In terms of functionality we currently provide, you will want to use the video/show API Call and ensure status is “ready”:

You may also use the conversion/list API Call and ensure each conversion’s status is “ready”:

If you are concerned about thumbnail and thumbstrips as well, you can use the thumbnail/show API call and ensure each are ready, but we have planned work to guarantee that the thumbnail is ready before moving media status to ready:

This is for video only, as ‘ready’ status doesn’t make sense for tags and “other metadata”.

In the future, we will hopefully have webhooks where users can listen for events and get notified when media becomes ready, if there are requirements for notifications of other status changes, we will be able to do that as well. But that is future work that needs to be defined.

Hope this helps.


Heidi Williams-Foy
Team Lead, Support
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