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Videos not playing on Nexus 4

We are experiencing problems playing mp4 videos on the JW 7 player. We can run the same videos on Chrome desktop and the mobile emulator, as well as on modern phones.

When playing on the Nexus 4 we get the following error:

message: "Error loading media: File could not be played"

I found this page on your site ( which implies that older devices may have problems with processing power:

"The underlying issue is processing power. Today’s desktop computers and laptops are powerful enough to decode just about any video format and size. Sometimes they can do it in hardware, meaning the graphics card (GPU) decodes the video. If a format is not supported by the hardware, desktops can fallback to software decoding. At that point, the player software itself will decode the video frames. Software decoding is slower than hardware decoding, but either option works.

Phones, netbooks and tablets on the other hand are not that powerful yet. Most are only able to do hardware decoding of video. It means the range of supported formats is narrowed down to what the GPU chip supports. Additionally, devices generally have an upper limit on the frame size of the video. For example, while the iPhone 4 supports HD video (1280×720 pixels), older models only supported video up to about 640×360 pixels."

Can you please weigh in on this issue?

1 Community Answers

Timoor Kurdi

JW Player Support Agent  
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My name is Timoor Kurdi and I’m a Support Engineer at JW Player.

That is an old phone, so support on that would be sparse, but do you have the latest version of Android running on that device?

Timoor Kurdi
Support Engineer

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