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i am seeing error on other browsers other than chrome?

error loading media but works fine on chrome? mp4 file

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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I just tested that page in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on my Mac. The video played in all three for me.

What browser and OS combination is giving you the error?


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brilliant thank you its just internet explorer then


JW Player Support Agent  
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Must be something weird about how IE tries to open your file from

I just tried to open the video directly in IE11 on Windows 10 by pasting the video URL in the address bar, but the page that loaded was asking for a Google login.

I tried the same URL directly in Chrome and the video played normally.

My suggestion would be to either contact Google and ask them how to get the videos to play directly in IE so our player will be able to play them also, or upload your videos to your JW account. We host them in a way that they will load on all browsers.

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