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DRM won't work

Hi, I'm trying to use widevine DRM in my jwplayer. I followed the steps in But I can't get the video to play. I already got the response 200 from the DRM (the authorization callback) and the license is given, but my player still show no playable source found or sometimes unknown playback. Can anyone tell me how to implement the DRM in my jwplayer so it will works. The mobile apps team in my company can already play the video using DRM SDK for java.
Another question, can I use only file (not playlist) to implements the DRM? Because when I try my other video (without DRM), it only play when I only use file (no playlist), and when I try to place it inside the playlist, it won't play and got "no playable source" error. Please reach me ASAP if you can. Thanks alot.

you can reach me by email:

Here is my playlist example:
playlist: [{
sources: [{
file: 'xxx',
drm: {
widevine: {
url: 'xxx',
headers: [{
name: 'customname',
value: value,

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JW Player Support Agent  
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I would need to see a link to check out the issue, but have you tried your configuration in our stream tester here?

also Widevine only works in Chrome, so if you are looking in any other browser, and have not provided a DRM solution that works in that browser, you will see an error.



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HI Heidi, Thanks for answering. Yes I already test it with stream-tester but it won't play too. How can I contact you privately? I'm using Chrome to test it but it still won't play.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Randi,

To contact support directly, you will want to open a case through your account. If you log in to the dashboard, you will see the option ‘Submit a Case’ in the top navigation of the initial landing page.


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