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Location wildcards in XML file for JWPlayer module

I host all my own videos for personal use on win7 systems using XAMPP with JWplayer inside Joomla2.5 for several years without issue. As I migrate to new J3 (same host environment) I want to change a basic configuration. Previously, I have had 1 site in the root drive (F:) that contained all the videos. I want to break it open so I have multiple sites in the same root (F:) folder which is easily accomplished.

My issue comes to this, I need to edit all my XML's to reflect the independent folder I will host the respective sites in and I would like to make the XML list with wildcards instead of a fixed location so that I won't have to repeat this editing for each file should I change a folder later on - example:

A sample of my XML player file:
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:jwplayer="http://classics.iserver">
<title>XML FEED</title>
<title>The Wild Wild West</title>
<description>S04E01 - The Night of the Big Blackmail</description>
<title>The Wild Wild West</title>
<description>S04E02 - The Night of the Doomsday Formula</description>

Whereas: "/images/media-WildWildWest-Season04/S04E01.mp4" was previously located at F:/hotdocs/images/media-WildWildWest-Season04/S04E01.mp4
The F:/htdocs was unneeded in the XML file as it assumed a root directory and has worked flawlessly since I created it.

What I want to do is move this whole site to (example): F:/htdocs/CLASSICS/images/media-WildWildWest-Season04/S04E01.mp4

What I need to discover, is a wildcard solution to allow the "CLASSICS" folder to not be actually labelled as "CLASSICS" but find a wildcard that will substitute any directory name.

OLD: /images/media-WildWildWest-Season04/S04E01.mp4 (worked perfectly with site in root folder)
NEW: /CLASSICS/images/media-WildWildWest-Season04/S04E01.mp4 (will only work if I actually add "CLASSICS" to the XML file).
WANT (example): /%%/images/media-WildWildWest-Season04/S04E01.mp4
So that no matter what folder I put the site in, it would work.

I have been as clear as I can be so I hope someone can see what I am looking for and hopefully have a workaround or know what I can do. I have a few hundred XML files that I need to change and I only want to do it once so that I won't have to replicate this issue on future upgrades.

Deeply appreciated,


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JW Player Support Agent  
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I would expect our player to simply take the URL provided in the XML playlist and pass it to the browser to make the request.

We do not have built-in functionality for wildcards or macros in the video URL, but perhaps there is a way to do this with custom code on the page that ingests the XML and generates a new playlist that can then be loaded into the player.

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