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Giant play button blocks content while paused

Hi, as a new user, I have the following suggestion aimed at the creators of JW Player but since I don't have an account I can't make suggestions directly but must post to community.

I am using JW Player for online course (CISA) but am also considering adding online tutorials for installing and using our software products. Overall, I think it's a pretty well optimized for training, but I do have one suggestion:

When you pause a video, a giant "Play" button with a blue circle background appears in the middle of the screen. This button obscures the content behind it and is very frustrating if you are trying to look at details or read a dense set of text by the video creator! There are several alternatives: make the button transparent, put the button outside the area of the video content, or just don't put one at all: if user moves their mouse they see the slider at the bottom, and the button at the left is either Pause or Play.


3 Community Answers

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
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Thank you for sharing that feature request. Developers can currently implement custom skinning behavior on their player. Here is a link to our CSS skin reference:


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Hi, thanks for your reply. As I look thru the reference, I don't see a way to modify that button. There is a .jw-svg-icon-play but there is no info (or links) as to whether that icon can be modified, or even left off the page! If I have this info, I assume I could then go to the company that produced the video and ask them to consider this change, is that correct?

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
1 rated :

You are correct. Please ask the company that is embedding our player to address this issue. We would also be happy to assist them in achieving this behavior.

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