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Get Video details from List

Hi this is janarthanan from tech affinity. We have implement JwPlayer in our Application. We need your help to resolve this issue. Here is the issue detail.
We have Played list of videos using Playlist items.there is no issue, if the player is playing the last video we need to loop the next set of videos. We have the addon complete listener inside the player but they didn't return anything. Is there any way to identify the last videos from playlist items.


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Janarthanan,

What are you trying to do with your on(‘complete’) listener? Are you calling jwplayer().load() to load a new playlist into the player?

You can get the current mediaID of the video that is playing from jwplayer().getPlaylistItem().mediaid. My suggestion to find the last video would be to count the number of items in the playlist and then get the mediaID of that last video.

Please post any code examples or links to test pages so we can try to help further.

Kind regards,

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