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The ratio will broken when play vertical direction video by HLS using IE 10

As title, I play the vertical direction video by HLS.
Only when I use IE 10( jwplayer play the video by flash) the ratio is broken.
But when I play the video by Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE11 the ratio is correct.

Is this a bug?

OS: window 10
jwplayer version: 7.12.6

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi, there.

Can you please supply a link to a reproduction page so we can take a look at your issue?

Thank you.


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Hi Alex,

here's the troubleshooting pages:

please open it by IE, I already add X-UA-Compatible so if you don't have IE10 you can open it by IE11



JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Ray,

In IE 10, the player needs to use Flash to render HLS content and Flash needs the resolution information to be in the manifest for it to play properly.

Can you try to create a master manifest that then references your issue.m3u8 manifest. The master manifest would look something like this:


I am not sure what the value would need to be for BANDWIDTH but you should be able to get that information from the source or the encoder.

Thank you.

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