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Controls not disappearing after double tap on Android

We have an embed player used through an iFrame.

When double tapping the video on Android, the player goes fullscreen in its iframe (we don't want the video to actually go fullscreen and haven't set the "allowfullscreen" tag on the iFrame) but the player fails to add the 'jw-flag-user-inactive' after a short delay, meaning the controls will remain displayed until the next user action.

Ideally, we would like to completely disallow double click/tap and fullscreen mode - but I haven't found any option to control this.
Alternatively, a way to properly hide the controls after a short delay (normal player behaviour) would fix our specific issue.

Note: We think writing custom code (using an event listener for 'fullscreen' mode and a setTimeout to force the 'jw-flag-user-inactice' class) on top of the native JWPlayer would likely cause side effects.

Tested with:
JWPlayer v 7.1.26
Chrome Android 60+
Google Pixel 2 XL

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