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Vast tags question

Provided VAST code

Provides this as output:

So, here are 2 basic questions:

1. Why in the vast response i see __auto__ instead of actual width and height in pixels? I suppose player is set to make player autorespnsive, depending on the surfers window width and height, BUT, player should know width and height of the player for every surfer. How can i fix that? what to change in the JWPlayer macros?

2. Why in &vastref i see Ref Url with those "__" signs? should not it be simple:

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Which version of the player are you using? This is not expected behavior in the latest version of JW7 or any version of JW8. The responses should include the actual height and width in pixels. The responses also would not include “__” before or after the response.


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Thank you for your help Jessy, i'll talk with the website owner to check which way he inserts vast code. Seems that he is doing somehing wrong. JW player should be 7th.


JW Player Support Agent  
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I’m happy to help. If you have any other questions, please feel free to Submit a Case directly to our Support Team from the homepage of your JW Player dashboard. Make sure you include a reproduction page with your player and ad setup so we can see how the ad tag macros are implemented.


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Please Help . I want an ad code vast , and I put it exactly to work without problems

<script type='text/javascript'> jwplayer("vplayer").setup({
sources: [{file:",cygdiobag3fq6ezxazq,kdgdiobag3guxzcb37a,qngdiobag3cgubl4ykq,.urlset/master.m3u8"},{file:"",label:"720p"},{file:"",label:"480p"},{file:"",label:"240p"}],
image: "",
width: "100%",
height: "100%",
stretching: "uniform",
duration: "6602",
aspectratio: "16:9",
preload: 'metadata',
androidhls: "true",
hlshtml: "true",
primary: "html5",
startparam: "start"

,tracks: []
,"sharing": {code: "%3CIFRAME FRAMEBORDER%3D0 MARGINWIDTH%3D0 MARGINHEIGHT%3D0 SCROLLING%3DNO WIDTH%3D640 HEIGHT%3D360 allowfullscreen%3E%3C%2FIFRAME%3E", link: ""},skin: "seven",abouttext:"", aboutlink:"",logo: {file:"", link:"", position:"top-left", margin:"5",hide: true}
var vvplay,vvad,x2ok=0;
jwplayer().onTime(function(x) {
if(5>0 && x.position>=5 && vvad!=1){vvad=1;$('div.video_ad_fadein').fadeIn('slow');}
if(x2ok==0 && x.position>=2970 && x.position<=(2970+2)){x2ok=x.position;}
jwplayer().onPlay(function(x) { doPlay(x); });
jwplayer().onComplete(function() { $('div.video_ad').show(); });

function doPlay(x)
if( window.cRAds === undefined ){ adb=1; }
$.get(''+adb, function(data) {$('#fviews').html(data);} );


//var mybtn=$("<div style='padding-left: 5px; margin-right: 5px; margin-top: 10px; background-image: url(/img/ico.png);background-repeat: no-repeat;' class='jw-icon jw-icon-inline jw-button-color jw-reset jw-icon-logo'></div>");

$(function() {



JW Player Support Agent  
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You must partner with an Ad Server, who would provide you with an ad tag URL. An Enterprise License is required for ad playback support.

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