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Seeking after init onjwplayer 7.12.11 not working

Hi there,

we have trouble with seekng videos on version 7 and HTML5. We published demo here - have anybody idea what we are doing wrong?

thanks a lot


1 Community Answers

Timoor Kurdi

JW Player Support Agent  
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My name is Timoor Kurdi and I’m a Support Engineer at JW Player.

We tested this issue extensively on our end. My initial concern is that the player will not seek as seeking on autostart will not work with an onReady event.

We have another API call, jwplayer.on(‘firstFrame’) – that can be used followed by the seek event.

When testing the issue, we noticed that the issue is continuous and intermittent with the stream you provided us. I believe this issue is caused by something on the side of your streaming provider.

In order to test this further, we would need you to upload your original video to your JW account for hosting so we can further isolate and debug the stream, as the only thing different will be the HLS hosting in that case.

This is the code sample page we created –

We have your stream and our example stream on the above page; our stream consistently works and seeks.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Timoor Kurdi

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