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Amount of Usage

Hi there,

I have a question about the amount of usage related to my account.

I use a free account for now and I would like to upgrade to the Starter. For the time being, I have uploaded 5 videos totally around 1.5GB, but when I look at the dashboard. It shows me 52% I used (around 2.5GB). I do not know why. When I check each video. There is section (tab) that I can see my video in different video sizes (and different file size). Does it count these size as well? How can I delete them as I only need to have the HD resolution (1080p) and I do not use other resolutions?

My concern is that if I upgrade to starter (50GB) then I lose a lot of space for the different resolution of each video when I do not use them.

Could you please give me some advice?

Thank you.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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For any upload you send us, we create multiple smaller qualities. For a 1080p upload, I would expect to see additional qualities at:

and our 1080p of your original

We create these multiple qualities to ensure a positive viewer experience for all viewers based on their internet bandwidth and device size. We also use these multiple qualities in the HLS streams we provide for your videos. And yes, all of these additional qualities are added to your account and the storage is added to the total.

There is no way to delete these smaller qualities from the dashboard, as we think it will negatively impact your viewer’s experience. Why should they have to download a 1080p video if they are on a mobile phone with a 3G connection?

If you want to delete the individual conversions, you can do so with our Management API’s /videos/conversions/delete endpoint. Please see for more details.

You can also delete all but the 180p transcode template via /accounts/templates/delete as documented at but I think it would not be a good idea to actually do that.

Long story short, my suggestion is to use the HLS source in your player and let our player decide which is the best quality to show to your viewers based on their screen size and internet speed. Please see for more details.


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Hi Todd,

Thank you for letting me know.

I was wondering we have any storage limitation for Starter ($5 per month). I know we can have 500 videos.

I have around 40 videos and each one has size around 300-400MB. If we have storage limitation for Starter, then I was wondering how I can know the Starter space is enough for all of my videos or not.

Thank you,


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Sorry Todd.

I have around 100 videos 1080p and their size is around 300 to 400MB.


JW Player Support Agent  
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The storage limit for Starter is 50 GB, as defined in our Terms of Service at

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