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Clearification on Starter Package

In the card view of the jwplayer package selection, in starter pack it read: "500 Videos / 50,000 Plays". What does that means exactly? Also, we'll be adding videos to Amazon S3 and using those URL in JW Player. So, I wasn't able to understand Videos to Plays ratio you're providing.


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JW Player Support Agent  
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Plays are the total count of plays of all content across all players associated with your account (self-hosted and cloud-hosted). A Play is counted when the first frame of a video loads on our player. This metric resets at the beginning of each month.

The Videos limit applies to content uploaded and hosted on our platform. The Starter edition includes 50 GB of storage; you can upload up to 500 videos within these 50 GB. If you are hosting your content on S3 this limit would not apply to you, only the monthly Play limit.

I hope this helps!

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