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[iOS] Fairplay error

I am developing in iOS JWPlayer to stream the DRM video. I follow "jwplayer-ios-bestPracticeApps-master" from Github but error come out ...

JWFairPlayDrm[11726:3188283] CredStore - performQuery - Error copying matching creds. Error=-25300, query={
class = inet;
"m_Limit" = "m_LimitAll";
"r_Attributes" = 1;
sync = syna;

2017-11-28 17:41:51.727988+0700 JWFairPlayDrm[11726:3188283] ERROR {
event = onError;
message = "Cannot Open";

any idea what I should focus on?

2 Community Answers

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
1 rated :

It seems that the decryption process failed to open the video file that you embedded. Please ensure that keys are correct.

Marut Sirinapho

0 rated :

The key is return in method "fetchContentKey withRequest" in variable "requestBytes" right?
And it is CKC right?

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