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How ID3 metadata is extracted in LIVE streaming?

I am trying to perform ad insertion using ID3 metadata and Wowza as can be found in:

In this webinar they do not address the time precision of the ad insertion and I am interested in frame precision. So, I was wondering how JW Player onMeta event works when detecting the ID3 metadata. As the metadata is stored in the header of the HLS chunk, I can get the ID3 before inserting the ad, isn't it? And if so, how can I play tge ad in the correct timecode?

I am still reading the information and maybe you have some tutorials facing this topic. Other question is how to get the timecode of the ID3 metadata. I am thinking in defining it as text to be inserted in the ID3.


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The player does not provide any functionality based on frame, but you are able to use time in milliseconds to set up events. I am also not sure about using metadata for ad insertion, as we do not provide built-in functionality for this. Have you checked our support article here:

If you have a JW Player account, please feel free to submit a ticket through the support portal for further assistance.


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