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Limit reached??

Today I received an email about limit reached:

From Jan. 1 - Oct. 31, 2017, you have cumulatively utilized 1,116,553 of your Content Plays, exceeding your allotted limit by 888,398 plays.

In addition I also checked my jw account and noticed this message:

You have reached your limit for plays. Upgrade for more!

But why? I use the free player (only audio / version 7). And the free version of that player is limited to 1 million plays a month. The average monthly plays is far less then the one million that is allowed for this player.

Please clarify this, because I really do not understand what is going on.

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In reference to my previous post (above) about the "limit reached" you wrote in your mail that:

As a JW Free Customer, you are entitled to 10,000 Video Content Plays per month.

But I do not use video at all.
I try to understand what is going on, but I really don't get it....


JW Player Support Agent  
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Please refer to the License Scope section in our Terms of Service where it is stated that the Free (Unpaid) edition includes 5,000 Content Plays per month. Content means media including videos, images, graphics, animations, sounds, text and music hosted, streamed, or Played through the Products. Play means each instance of Content streamed, in whole or in part, through the Products.


JW Player Support Agent  
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I have notified the team about the error in the email. Thank you for bringing this to our attention; we apologize for any misunderstanding.


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Ok. Thnx for your replies and your apologies. Highly appriciated.
Now it's obvious to me that I have to decide how to continue ...
But still, I do not understand why your own crewmembers (more then once) confirmed that "the free version of our player is limited to one million plays per calendar month".
These posts from your own crewmembers are very clear and imho there's no space for nisinderstanding. And yes, these comments made me decide to use the free version of your player.

Check the clear posts from your crew at:

And now only 5K plays are allowed ...

Can you explain to me the difference between the clear messages from several crewmembers (1M plays allowed) and the 5K?

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