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Force JW Player fullscreen to landscape in mobile devices

When clicking on fullscreen from portrait mode on mobile devices, force the player to landscape mode. In HTML5 default player video is forced to landscape by clicking the fullscreen button in portrait mode. this behaviour seems to be restricted to the current orientation in JW Player.

Please help if there is any solution for that.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Are you talking about with a web player or with our native iOS and Android SDKs?

My understanding is that we do not have a way to force the rotation of the display with the web player, so you would need some way to do that in each mobile OS. I have not tried this, but my first test would be to see if the on(‘fullscreen’) event is fired when the viewer goes to fullscreen on a mobile device. If yes, then I would try to attach the custom code to rotate in that event.

With our native SDKs, yes, I believe this is possible but I will ask our iOS and Android support engineers to chime in here as well.

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
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If you are referring to our iOS SDK, please ensure that you are setting both these player properties to true:


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Hi Todd and Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.

I am looking for full screen on web browser. Currently, using JW PLayer when we go full screen on portrait mode on mobile device the player launched the device native player in portrait mode. I need to launch video in landscape mode when go full screen on portrait mode as supported by the default HTML5 player.

Please open the link below in for default HTML5 video player in the mobile browser (on Android) and click on the full screen button from portrait mode. The player will go full screen in landscape mode by default. I need same full screen behavior in one of my project.

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
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Are you saying that you want to use our player when the player goes into full screen? If so, please note the expected behavior is for playback to happen with the native player in full screen. Do you have a web page that I can experience this behavior?

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