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Bug report - Youtube player (v. 7.7.4) throws JS error "Y.getVideoData is not a function'


A new error started popping up today and it's quite critical for us. We're using JW Player v. 7.7.4 to play Youtube videos. When clicking on play, an exclamation mark appears and the error below is thrown. When clicking again it does play.

TypeError: Y.getVideoData is not a function
at V (/player/v/7.7.4/
at load (/player/v/7.7.4/
at l.a (/player/v/7.7.4/
at l.<anonymous> (/player/v/7.7.4/
at b (/player/v/7.7.4/

I know that JW Player has dropped Youtube support because of the Youtube API's inconsistencies but would love to get some help. For our use case JWPlayer 7 + Youtube is still our best choice and we'd like to keep using it.



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the same problem


JW Player Support Agent  
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Since we dropped support there is little we can do to help other than recommend you try a later version of JW 7.


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Thanks. I updated to 7.12.11 and the issue seems to be fixed.


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Spoke too fast. Not fixed. For anyone else experiencing this problem, there are 2 related issues on stackoverflow:


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We're having this problem too. If we click on the play button, we get the "Y.getVideoData is not a function" error. However, if you click on the video pane, no error (playback starts). So our thought is that we could simply remove the "getVideoData" function from the version of JWP that we are using (or change it to some dummy function that works). Note that we don't need the video title from YouTube, or presumably any of the other "video data." Is this possible? I can't seem to find getVideoData anywhere in jwplayer.js.

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