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Is JWPlayer Pro Down?

Been using JWPlayer Pro for years. Paid up. All Youtube streaming vids aren't playing on our site Help anyone?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Yes. Now that JW6 is no longer supported by us (JW7 was released in summer 2015 and we said we would continue to support JW6 for 18 months), all cloud-hosted JW6 players were migrated to JW8 yesterday.

Did you receive any of the e-mail alerts about this from us in the past few weeks and months? They were sent to any e-mail addresses on the accounts where we detected that a JW6 cloud-hosted player was still being used.

YouTube videos are no longer supported in JW8, so I have a few potential solutions:

1) Use a self-hosted JW6 player, if you have the files and license key laying around
2) Use a JW7 player. We will continue to support this player for about 17 more months, as JW8 was just released in October
3) Upload your content to us and we will host the content for you via MP4 and HLS
4) Switch to YouTube’s player since they are hosting the content for you

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