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JWPlayer 8 setting to partially disable fast forwarding but not backward

Hi again,

we are looking for a feature where the player, gives the opportunity to only move backwards, fast forwarding should not be an option.
The users should, however, be able to re-watch portions they already saw, and hence jump forward through such portions.
There are mandatory instances that a user must watch before a page is marked complete.

I've seen on this site that is not first time customers require this feature but was on old thread and the example was for old player.
I had conversation with sales support from JWPlayer and they told me that all of the features we’ve asked for are available with customizing our player and/or using our player API.
Have you some reccomandation or testing page to try this feauture or i have to spend a lot of time to find a solution by myself ?

Pleas let me know, how to proceed.

Mariano Abbate

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JW Player Support Agent  
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You could refer to my test page as an example of one way to tackle this feature:


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Hi George,
thanks a lot, i tried on my pages and works perfectly !

The only thing that can cause problems is that by pressing the "skip intro" button during video playback
it returns to the starting point and you can not move forward from there.

Thank you again,


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Mariano,

Indeed there are most likely certain scenarios my example does not address, your web developer should be able to take my code as a reference though and make it fit your use case best.

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