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Display related videos


I would like to implement related videos to be display on mi page with JWPlayer. My basic setup looks somethink like this:

playlist: [{
file: "",
title: "This is my file"
related: {
file: '',
onClick: "link"

as per documentation. The JSON file is a valid playlist definition with 3 as it should be.

However, when I run this code, I get no related videos what so ever.

By using debugger, I found out that there is a line in related plugin source code, that says:

"Not enough items in the playlist (need at least 2)"

And inspecting further I found out that it detects number of items in the original playlist, not in JSON with related videos.

This seems like a bug to me, because there is no reason what so ever why this plugin should not work with only one item in playlist and several in related JSON.

Can anyone point me what to do with this?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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What URL are you using in your related: {} object?

Please note that only JW Recommendations feeds can be used here. If you have other videos you know you want to display to the viewer, my suggestion would be to make them additional items on the initial playlist.


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As per documentation redirected to, my related.json file includes the same structure as the playlist iteself (I even tested using a copy of playlist as related, only with different mediaID and different file.mp3):

"Both Recommended and Playlist feeds are structured in the same ways as mentioned in our playlist article. JW Player supports feeds in both RSS and JSON formats. Please see our external feeds article for more examples."

Since it also states this about related.file:

"To be used if you are not including a recommendations value in your playlist item. A recommendations value will take priority over a related.file."

So my expectation is: If I use a playlist and a "related" field next to it with "file" specified, where my JSON file conforms with Playlist structure, there should be a Next up view at the end of video.

I was actually hoping to see what is on the first page:

There, the related file is used to display a youtube-style ending screen where user can select next video without them necessarily being in the playlist itself (so I can ge a redirect on click).

However, if that is not supported anymore, is there a replacement for this module or should I implement one myself in the style of the good-old related plugin?

Thank you for your time.


JW Player Support Agent  
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I have escalated your feedback to our product manager, so I will let you know what I hear back. My guess is that this documentation you are referring to will need to be updated.


JW Player Support Agent  
-1 rated :

Our Support doc at has been updated to include the following text:

To be used if you are not including a recommendations value in your playlist item. A recommendations value will take priority over a related.file.

IMPORTANT: Only JW Recommendations Platform URLs can be loaded from related.file by the Discover Overlay.

If you have other videos that you would like to display to your viewers after the first video ends, my suggestion would be to include those second, third, etc videos in a manual playlist: {} directly in the player when you first call setup()

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