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how can i get jwplayer 7 latest version

i joined
but Dashboard just shows me JW8 in TOOLS. And If i get jw8, upgrade require. $10.

Don't you support jw7 any more?

I want to user Jw7. So , i got jw7 by googling. but It needs free license key.
Your dashboard doesn't shows me.

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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JW7 will continue to be supported for 18 months after the release of JW8. I see that you just created your account, so you never had access to JW7.

Your unpaid account has access to cloud-hosted JW8 players, there is no upgrade that is required. Upgrading will give you more hosting and streaming and the option to self-host the player.

Why do you want JW7 instead of JW8? JW8 loads faster and will get new updates and features in the coming months, but JW7 will not be updated any more.

Reasons to use JW7

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Why do the release notes for JW8 state "Every account will provide both JW8 and JW7 versions of the license key"?

Seems you guys change your mind almost every other week as to what to call your pricing tiers, what to charge, and what functionality is in/out of each player edition.

Some reasons to use JW7 over JW8:

> JW8.0.0 is a significant change to the player - and with it comes significant opportunity for bugs and issues to be introduced. As it stands, JW7.12 is a much more stable solution.
> Youtube functionality
> Support for <= IE11 (JW8 doesn't work with IE11)
> Previous investment in custom skins


JW Player Support Agent  
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• JW8 is stable and has 20 million plays a day and has been tested since August 8th
• YouTube was not sustainable and did not work in JW7 and had a poor user experience
• IE 11 is supported in JW8
• Custom skins can be converted to JW8 using our developer demo

I also see that line in our release notes, so I am going to escalate this and find out the answer for you.

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