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Regarding issues in jwplayer8.0

Hi Team,

I am trying to customise the following features in the JWPlayer8.0. But I am facing issues in the items given below: -

1) I am not able to use a dynamic/static string as watermark.
2) I am not able changing the style of the Player Button at the centre by manipulating size, shape and colour. This I required to match the varying themes of my website.
3) We also need to manipulate the context menu over the player, in order to display video specific information. Currently, I am able to add only 1 item in the context menu. However, we would need to add multiple items to the context menu dynamically.
4) We would need to know for how many minutes the video has been played. Is there a way to track the events of the play and pause button ?
5) By default there is no download button. We have added download button but not able to download mp4 video because it opens these mp4 video in plain html5 player in same tab.

Kindly help me these queries.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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1) This feature is not built-in to our player
2) This is our skinning documentation. The second paragraph on that page goes to our configuration reference which will show you what built-in config options are available if you don’t want to have to create your own skin
3) I think you mean the right-click behavior – while what you are describing isn’t a feature that is built in it seems like you would need to do some heavy CSS customization in order to get that type of feature
4) jwplayer().on('play') and jwplayer().on('pause') are two API calls from our API documentation that you could use to create this
5) We have a demo page for this

Hope this helps,

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