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hls provider

Could someone please enlighten me about how the provider.hlsjs.js really works? I have understood that html5 MSE allows only fmp4 container. If this is the case, is the hls provider transmuxing .ts content into fmp4 fragments. In addition, is the adaptation logic implemented in provider.hlsjs.js?
In an old post concerning JW Player 6, it was mentioned that JWP “will actually create the <video> tag "on the fly," invisibly” when using html5 playback. Is this right, and is this done by the hls provider? Any other information related to the role of provider.hlsjs.js in html5 based streaming is welcome too. Thanks.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

The HLS provider we use in the player is a fork of HLS.js but it also has been modified to better suit our needs and our customer’s needs. For that reason, I would not be able to go into specifics regarding it. If you have questions regarding HLS.js itself, I would recommend opening an issue on their GitHub repo.

The one thing I can answer is regarding our generation of the <video> tag. This is done by our player when it is set up. On browsers that natively support HLS, such as Safari, the <video> element usually has a direct link to the HLS stream’s manifest. Otherwise, it uses other methods of embedding that can be used by our HLS provider for playback.

Thank you.

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