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JW Player 7 license key


I noticed you don't offer the self hosted player anymore as a free service with JW Player 8. That is fine of course as it is your decision. What I wonder is what happens to the JW Player 7 self hosted mode. Apparently I can't get the LW Player 7 license key anymore from my account page, but as long as I have the key already, I seem to be allowed to still use it with my free account. Which makes not so much sense to me.
Did I just miss the place where I can see my JW7 license key or is that indeed a strange behavior?

I'm asking this mainly because I developped a Joomla plugin which allowed the user to enter their own license key and they got a working player. That obviously now doesn't work anymore for new users since they will not be able to get a license key without paying.

Kind regards

1 Community Answers

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Thomas. You are correct that as of the release of JW8, we no long allow free customer’s to self-host JW7. You are welcome to continue to use our JW7 self-hosted player but we cannot generate new JW 7 keys if you don’t have one.

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