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JWplayer with Wowza

I have a Wowza streaming engine server on our Intranet. I am using JWplayer to play the videos. There is no problem if the client has access to Internet, but if I disconnect from Internet, the JWplayer does not play.
I found that if I use JWPlayer version 7.3.6 , and use Google Chrome on the client, it works. But FireFox, and IE does not work. Please help

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JW Player Support Agent  
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What is the playback error you receive? Have you tried with the latest version of the player?


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This is the error message on a black screen:

Setup timeout error: Setup took longer than 30 seconds to complete.

I checked the latest version (7.12.8) with flash, and HTML5. In the flash mode , it works up to jwplayer version 7.4. Not for 7.5 and above. In HTML5 it does not work.

I found that jwplayer is trying to connect to I also removed this link from jwplayer.js file, but it does not work.


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I solved the problem myself.

I added the following line to my code in jwplayer("player").setup ()

base: ".",

And downloaded jwpsrv.js & jwpsrv_frq.js and placed them in jw folder besides to jwplayer.js.

It works for flash and HTML5 up to the latest version (7.12.8)


JW Player Support Agent  
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Check out this demo page to see how I would self-host.

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