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Validate users accessing a video link

I've got this scenario: As you know some messaging applications support in-app playback (streaming) of videos [e.g. if you post a youtube link like "" within the application (Telegram, Facebook, Whatsapp), a user could click on it, and without going to main web page, start watching the video inside the main application].
My question is: Is there any way to generate some links (inside messaging application) so that some specific users(let's say those who have paid inside the app), could only watch that video(I mean play-back the video, without going to the external link in the webpage). Could this scenario somehow implemented with JWPlayer at all?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Our player simply plays the video URL you tell us to when you call setup(), so the short answer is yes. You can also enable URL signing on your JW property, so that might help you make sure only the desired viewers get valid tokens to view the content. Please see for more details.

As for how the tokenized links are passed from the message app to your web page, etc, that sounds like a fun web development project.

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