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Understanding JWPlayer license and Terms of Service

I am guessing that to use JWPlayer commercially (i.e. create a product where you will charge for a video etc), we need to purchase at least a Premium LIcense, correct ? Also, in the tos page, it says "1 website". So lets say I run the videos on What if I offer subdomains to clients to load their videos so I end up with 100s of subdomains like, etc ? I think that is fine, right ? But what if those clients are actually embedding the videos hosted on the subdomain but on a page on their own domain which is totally different. Is this allowed ?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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At minimum, the Premium edition license is required for commercial use of the player. The player can be embedded on one domain, and this includes subdomains. So,, etc are all okay. You can embed the players in as many subdomains as you want.

However, please also keep in mind that the Premium license has a 100k/month Content Play limit. A play is counted when the first frame of a video loads on our player, this counts against your limit despite where the content is hosted.

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