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Securing Embed video

I would like to embed securely videos only on the domain of our website. Based on the documentation, this can be accomplished using signed URL. Few questions related to that 1) Does that also apply to video embedded with iframe?
2) Since the code involves signature, does that mean this should be handled by server side program rather than client side?
3) Is the embedded video insecure for the duration of expiry time? If the user streams a video until some time and then pauses and resumes after a while (say after expiry time) will that prevent user to watch the remaining video?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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1) Yes, any request for your content or any other asset on your account (player libraries, captions, images, etc) will need to be tokenized

2) Correct, the tokens should be generated server-side in PHP or Python, for example.

3) Depends. If the browser has cached the content and no more requests are made when they resume, then the video should play back fine. If the browser makes a new request for that same URL that has now expired, I would expect the viewer to see an error.

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