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Custom Startposition without seeking on('firstFrame')


Is there another solution to jump to a specific startposition before loading the player without calling the seek() method inside the firstFrame listener?

The firstFrame listener ...

- ... shows the actual first frame for a short amount time before jumping to the desired position
- ... does unnecessary buffering

Isn't there another, cleaner solution for this?

Thanks, Marc

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JW Player Support Agent  
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That is currently the only solution, else you could have the video server return the stream from a specific position.


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Hi Goerge

Thanks for your replay. Setting the stream position on the server (eg. #EXT-X-START:TIME-OFFSET=3600.000) only works then in safari. All other browser starting at position 0. Do i need to enable some settings in the configuration, to make that work in all browsers?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Marc,

This feature won’t be addressed until October and the release of JW8. In the meantime, some have added the time offset to the url not to the HLS manifest, then the video server delivers the stream from the appropriate position.

Overall, this is not built in functionality and the feature request will be reviewed again in October.

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