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Mobile 360 Video Embedding

I'm struggling to find a good 3rd Party solution for 360 video that allows for embedding via <iframe>. I thought I'd found it with JWPlayer...but my test video doesn't appear to work on iOS.

I'm just testing for now, thus only using the "free" account...but will happily upgrade if this can work.

Pulling up the URL above, on a mobile device, doesn't result in ever seeing the video....but works great on desktop.

Did I miss something? A setting? Something?

Thx in advance,


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JW Player Support Agent  
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I’m afraid there is a CORS bug in webkit that will require you to host the file on the same domain as the page in order to get playback to work in Safari. You can inspect the source of our 360 demo page to see how you could build your own workaround.

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