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Static playlist of 360 videos

Hi, as in the subject, I would like to have a static playlist like in this example

but playing 360 videos from my server

I followed this example and I'm able to play a 360 video

but if I pass the path of a different video to the function as in the previews example, it start in plane mode, not 360.

You may found my code at this link:

If you click "play" at on the player, the 360 video start, but if I change the path of the video, the player change to a planar view, loosing my setup

I know that I could add my files in the playlist parameter
playlist: [{
stereomode: 'monoscopic',
file: "",
image: ""
but I would like to have my own navigation bar.

Thanks in advance for your help

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I found the solution.
I don't use the load() API meanwhile the Setup again.

If there is a more sexy way to do that, please reply to me.


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