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No analytics


I have several video's hosted by JWplayer and everything works fine except for the analytics.
No data is showing up on the detailpage and the video is not listed on the All Content page.
On the analytics overview page the url where the video is embedded is shown with times embedded, played and completed.

The video's are embedded with following code.

// function to get URL parameters
$.urlParam = function(name){
var results = new RegExp('[\?&]' + name + '=([^&#]*)').exec(window.location.href);
return results[1] || 0;

// Get the video_id from the URL
var video_id = $.urlParam('video_id');

// Setup player, get video file via the GET Request
// For list of all parameters check:
file: ""+video_id+".mp4",
autostart: "True"

// Set Volume to maximum

What am I doing wrong here?

2 Community Answers


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forgot the first line of the script:

var player = jwplayer('player');


JW Player Support Agent  
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Looks like you are missing the MEDIAID. Check this page for details.

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